Allotment-sharing benefits

Sweetcorn planting on inner city allotment

Sweetcorn planting

I have always wanted an allotment, but felt daunted by lack of knowledge and the sheer scale of the undertaking. You can’t potter about and just do a bit, because there is such a demand for allotments that any signs of neglect can lead to – well,¬† losing the plot.

A shared allotment is a good solution for me, as a novice.
I have heard some horror stories about bean-counting partnerships that end up with disagreements and covert resentments about who has earned what, but I have been lucky enough to stumble upon a community allotment witha “Regular commitment or drop in welcome” policy, where there are plenty knowledgeable people and enough hands to do all necessary work meeting just a couple of days a week, and everybody seems happy to just enjoy the activity, the learning¬† and the space; the abundance of spuds, spinach and cherries etc. seems more like a a bonus rather than a recompense. And no food miles either.
Of course it helps that there is a man with a plan to coordinate the planting and picking.


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