Ban Neonicotinoids in Gardens

Several causes for the fast and alarming decline in bees might exist, but evidence has emerged that a dangerous group of pesticides play a key role.

Recent studies in France and the UK showed that neonicotinoids drastically reduced the navigation abilities of bumblebees and, worse, cut the production of queens by 85%. Very few queens mean far fewer bee colonies.

Neonicotinoids are widely used throughout the UK, on farmland and in gardens as insecticides. Seeds are even pre-treated with the chemicals, which is completely unnecessary. Pesticides should be a last resort, not used before pests have even appeared.

Bees are essential to nature and to humans. If flowers aren’t pollinated, you don’t get fruit, wild plants don’t reproduce, and crops are not fertilised.

The obvious first step is to ban neonicotinoids in gardens. Gardens certainly don’t need such dangerous chemicals. Ask DEFRA to ban the sale of neonicotinoids for domestic use.


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