4 Days After the Riots

Whalley Range, Manchester

Good medicine!


Greater Manchester Cycle Challenge

Greater Manchester Cycle Challenge is a ‘friendly’ workplace competition to get more people cycling.

To win, businesses need to get the highest number of staff cycling for at least 10 minutes from Monday 14 May to Tuesday 5 June 2012.

People can ride wherever they feel comfortable and at anytime – on an evening, at […]

Manchester University and the Planners

Manchester University has a lot of clout when it comes to planning the future of the city, perhaps too much clout, when one considers their land acquisition and attempts to shut down local street traders on the Oxford Rd Corridor. They are however hosting some public talks entitled ‘Brownbag’ Sessions with Urban Practitioners: “The […]

Meet Tracie McMillan

Meet Tracie McMillan, ‘overeducated’ food justice writer