Save Chorlton Meadows Update June 2010



June 3, 2010 by savechorltonmeadows

WE THOUGHT THIS MIGHT HAPPEN! After their last proposal was comprehensively opposed by the council planning committee – West Didsbury and Chorlton AFC have now submitted another similar application to the City Council – to erect SIX 15m (49ft) FLOODLIGHTS – […]


Scott Avenue Community Allotment

Scott Avenue Community Allotment, Chorlton Manchester

Sessions on Sat 11am & Sun 2pm & Wed 5pm. Follow the signpost at the end of Scott Ave! Wear boots/wellies, dress for the weather, bring gardening gloves! Regular commitment or drop in welcome!

Our long term aim is to create a vibrant, busy, educational growing area for […]

The Co-operative calls for moratorium on shale gas extraction in the UK

The Co-operative calls for moratorium on shale gas extraction in the UK January 17, 2011 The Government should impose an immediate moratorium on the extraction of natural gas from the UK’s shale formations until all the ecological implications are fully understood. That is the conclusion of a carefully considered report commissioned and issued today […]

Urban Garden Solutions Blog | Growing Your Own Food – Edible Gardening in Small Spaces

Companion Planting is another Intensive Gardening Method used by the small space gardener to add to their array of tools in obtaining the best possible yield. By planting varieties that share properties that protect and nourish each other, you can plant a variety of vegetables tightly in a small space.


Wind versus Coal – the costs

The cost of onshore wind power has decreased dramatically, and in some regions is competitive with coal, according to a survey by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

In some areas of the U.S., Brazil, Mexico and Sweden, the cost of wind power (£42 per megawatt hour) generated electricity is competitive with […]