Hardy Farm site meeting


One of the 6 balloons showing height of proposed towers

Protesters gathered today to express their views to the Planning Committee at Hardy Farm, Chorlton Meadows about the proposal by Rob Turley, representing Chorlton & West Didsbury Grounds Ltd, to construct six 15 -meter high floodlight towers within yards of houses and in a designated green belt area. There was a smaller turnout than at the previous site meeting in January.

Protesters demostrated the impact of these 49ft high towers by positioning red helium-filled  balloons on strings at the halfway line and each corner of the pitch.

Representatives from the council and several voluntary groups were present.
Views were expressed from both sides: Concerns were raised about the towers being an eyesore when the lights are not in use, that the towers would be close to houses which are in an aggravated position by being on a raised bank; noise, traffic and parking chaos from increased attendance numbers etc.

Mr Turley, an ex-planning officer himself, and former owner/chairman of  Turley Associates Planning Consultants, was heard to remark that “by law, nobody has the right to a view”

Just in: Unfortunately the decision has gone in favour of Mr Turley and against the local residents and other users of the Meadows from the South Manchester area, by a narrow margin of 6 votes for and 5 votes against the proposal.


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