Phone Coop partnership

Urban Arcadia have formed a partnership with The Phone Co-op to offer members and supporters a great deal on phone calls, line rental and broadband.

Like all good relationships, it’s a two-way thing. Our members and supporters benefit from The Phone Co-op’s low cost services and good levels of service, while we will receive a small regular monthly income from The Phone Co-op which will help us grow and develop.

We chose The Phone Co-op as a partner on the strength of our shared values. The Phone Co-op is the only real option for anyone seeking a more ethical and environmentally responsible supplier of telephone calls, broadband and line rental. Owned and democratically controlled by its customers, the co-operative is primarily concerned with giving customers what they want, namely good value, excellent service and a socially responsible, environmentally sustainable approach to business.

Their line rental and mobile services are both rated a ‘Best Buy’ by Ethical Consumer magazine and their broadband service is also recommended. What’s more, the co-operative was winner of the Green England Best for Customer Service Award, so you can be confident that you’ll receive high standards of service as well as getting an excellent deal on price.

To find out more, visit or call them on 0845 458 9040.

Quote ‘Urban Arcadia’ and our Code ‘AG133’ to receive a £10 credit on your first bill.


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